Mason & Hamlin A Restored

Mason & Hamlin A | Sold!

The Model A is widely considered to be the world’s best grand piano under 6 feet. Although it’s Mason & Hamlin’s smallest grand piano, the Model A has an enormous volume and tone that are comparable to instruments of much greater size. With Mason & Hamlin’s patented Tension Resonator and other design innovations, the Model A is perfect for professional studios, conservatories and other institutions, yet just as suitable for the home.

Make: Mason & Hamlin
Model: A
Length: 5’9″
Finish: Satin Ebony
Serial Number: 38817
Year: 1929
About: Hand-crafted in USA. This Golden-Era model A has been fully restored and refinished. Mason & Hamlin’s innovative Wessel Nickel & Gross Action installed.

MSRP New: $77,398
Our Price: $33,000

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