The New Weber

Traditional warmth & timbral subtlety reminiscent of the brand’s long, rich history.

Good piano design is always more than a random collection of sales features. The new technology and the old style craftsmanship, the new Weber in the new decade is directed toward a specific tone or timbral goal. Goals come first – design follows.

Delwin D. Fandrich – Piano Designer

> Entered Piano industry in 1961
> Director of Research & Development, Baldwin Piano & Organ Company
> Design Consultant, Walter Piano Company.
> Lecturer and Consultant for Piano Manufacturers in the U. S., Europe, Australia, Korea, and China
> Technical Consultant, Acoustic pianos for Larry Fine’s “Piano Book”
> Design & Mfg. Consultant for Young Chang (2008 – Present)

Common Features of Weber

>Balanced tone quality across the complete scale
>Smooth and warm pianissimo, strong and clear forte
>Musically transparent bass to tenor transition
>Clarity & pitch definition through bass
>Excellent sustain through upper tenor & treble octaves

Weber Historical Timeline

Albert Weber was born July 8, 1828 in Bavaria Province of Germany.  Weber moved to New York to continue his musical career in 1844 and became interested in manufacturing and improving on piano design.  Weber opened a piano shop on White Street in New York at a young age of 24…(Read More)

Weber Catalog