Who is Our Favorite Piano Prodigy?

That’s easy.  Our favorite prodigy is our very own twelve-year-old Christopher Tavernier.  We’ve known him since he started piano lessons at six.  Keith made the original connection when he tuned their pre-Perzina piano.  Keith suggested Mrs. Collette Levi as a teacher for Christopher and then, as he progressed, Keith recommended Dr. John Cobb who is now our Freeburg Pianos Artist-in-Residence.  (We meet great people in the piano business!)

Last week, Christopher won first place in the prestigious Asheville Area Piano Forum Solo Competition.  Click here to watch him perform at that competition.  You can also watch a brief television interview with Christopher that was filmed and aired a few days after the competition. Click. Please be sure to notice the Perzina emblem on the piano fallboard.  That’s our exclusive line of excellent pianos and it is Christopher’s “piano of choice.”  (There are actually three Perzinas in his home.) Christopher loves the Perzina because it is extremely responsive and, since Keith tunes with the Equal Beating Victorian Temperament. it revives the lost “colors” or tonalities of the historical Romantic period.

Are you wondering why they have three pianos in their home?  A main reason for having the two grand pianos placed side-by-side is so that Christopher and Dr. Cobb can play together during lessons.  The two Perzina grands are also used for in-home concerts.  They have an upright Perzina in another room for their youngest son, Nicholas, who is currently taking lessons from Mrs. Levi.  As you might imagine, Nicholas also gets some pointers from Christopher.  The boys are blessed with wonderful parents who are supporting their musical gifts and other interests.

Christopher will be performing this summer in our “World Masterwork Series – Preserving the Lineage of Franz Lizst.”   Click here for information and an amazing promotional video for the series.   I really hope that you will have the opportunity to see and hear him playing “live in concert.”

Call me a dreamer, but I see Christopher playing on stages around the world.  He has only just begun.  He is a humble young man with a passion for classical piano music and the God-given gift to study and perform it for the joy of others.  We are blessed to know him and be a part of his musical life.

“Life is Grand”


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  1. Wow! What a nice blog about this amazing young virtuoso! I especially enjoyed the video. Who were the pictures of more modern men on the video? Levi is doing a wonderful job with the website….another amazing young man! I hope you will be sending reminders for the concerts. I may come to all three!

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