Yamaha Pianos

As one of the largest piano manufacturers world-wide, Japanese-based Yamaha produces between 120,000 to 130,000 pianos yearly. In addition to its factories in Japan, Yamaha has plants in China and Indonesia.  Each Yamaha piano that we provide has been carefully inspected and tested before it enters our showroom. Our Yamaha pianos project the trade-mark “Yamaha Sound” and coveted studio performance quality.

Endorsers & Owners

Yanni – Pianist & Composer, Steven Canyon – Pianist & Composer, Alicia Keys – R&B Pianist & Singer-Songwriter, Elton John – Pianist & Singer-Songwriter, Jason Mraz – Singer-Songwriter, Sheryl Crow – Musician & Singer-Songwriter, Barry Manilow – Producer & Singer-Songwriter, Jammie Culum – Jazz Musician & Singer-Songwriter, Miles Robertson – Musican & Keyboardist, and many others!