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The New Young Chang

Traditional warmth & timbral subtlety reminiscent of the brand’s long, rich history. To achieve these performance goals required a complete redesign of every model in Young Chang product lines.

“Good piano design is always more than a random collection of sales features. The new technology and the old style craftsmanship, new products of Young Chang in the new decade are directed toward a specific tone or timbral goal. Goals come first – design follows.”

Delwin D. Fandrich – Piano Designer

Fandrich was the Director of Piano Research & Development for the Baldwin Piano & Organ Co., the largest piano maker in the U.S. He has worked as a Steinway service manager in Portland, Oregon, and is now consulting and lecturing for piano makers in the USA, Europe, Australia and China. Since 2008, he has worked with Young Chang as technical consultant. Fandrich Consulting has helped Young Chang to evolve into the premium piano maker that it is today.

Young Chang Company History

The challenge of constructing great pianos requires a relentless pursuit of excellence fueled by a passion for the instrument. The piano is a simple instrument constructed from basic materials and the comparison from one piano to another easily captures the critical eyes and ears of the world where flaws can not be hidden, and true brilliance stands apart…(Read More)

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