Lesley Bush – Piano Technology Apprentice & Sales

Lesley Bush

Lesley began serving as a part-time church pianist/organist in Polk County when he was 11 years old. After graduating with a BA religion degree in 1988, he continued graduate studies with The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is currently serving part-time as Music Minister at Tryon Presbyterian Church.

Having always been interested in how a piano works, and being well-acquainted with Keith and Joann, Lesley requested to apprentice with Keith as a technician. In addition to learning piano tuning and repair skills, Lesley works full-time bringing expertise in creative communications.

Lesley has been active in community service groups and many musical programs in both Polk and Rutherford counties. He has a passion for history and is very involved with historical research, photography and publications. Lesley lives in Rutherfordton and is an officer with The Rutherford County Historical Society.