G. Steinberg Baby Grand

152 Sovereign | $9,500

Make: G. Steinberg
Model: GBT-152 Sovereign
Length: 5’1″
Finish: Polished Ebony
Year: New

MSRP: $19,470 +tax
Our Price: $9,500 +tax

About: It’s the dream of every musician and home owner – to have your very own baby grand. Few other purchases in life will feel as satisfying. The “152 SOVEREIGN” is far more than a well-earned centerpiece though. To owners lucky enough to welcome it, this piano also brings a musical performance that outplays many instruments even twice its price. Just like the rest of the G. Steinberg line, the “152 SOVEREIGN” features hand-crafted Austrian White Spruce soundboards, 5-year cured hornbeam actions, hand-wound bass strings, and virgin-wool hammers.

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