Music for the Soul

Those of you who read my last blog about recitals know that my Mom was a full-time piano teacher and my Dad her greatest help and support at the recitals.   On February 25th, my Dad passed into eternal glory. Although not a musician himself – he said he couldn’t even carry a tune in a bucket – he enjoyed or at least tolerated most genres. (Dad also liked to stop in at the piano shop and do a few things when they came south for a visit.)


I had the privilege of staying with him his last night on earth and although he was not communicative, I knew that he could hear me so I reminded him of fun times we had as a family, the great impact he had on the many lives he touched and I even sang songs to him. Two songs I recall singing were favorites that, unbeknownst to me, he and Mom had planned to sing congregationally at his “Celebration of Life” service: “Great is Thy Faithfulness” and “How Great Thou Art.”  I sang them with tears that night knowing that I was saying “good-bye” but at the service three days later, I sang them with great joy knowing he was free from pain, in a better place and that I would see him again someday. The soloist at the service was a friend of Dad’s, a younger man, who sang special selections with heartfelt love, notes floating and flowing into our hearts. The words and music throughout the service had a powerful impact on everyone there. That’s the way with music, isn’t it? Vocal or instrumental, it’s a passionate expression flowing from deep within that impacts people in a wide variety of ways.


Dr. Joann Freeburg
Freeburg Pianos

7 thoughts on “Music for the Soul

  1. Joann,
    Your experience in singing “goodbye” to your father resonates with me, having much the same experience in my mother’s last days. Music of many kinds contributed to her ease of passing, whether my singing softly, very close to her ear, or her granddaughter, my daughter’s tender soprano, singing the songs they had shared and hymns she loved. Then, recordings of music of the 40’s that seemed to spark memories of dancing the “Jitterbug” as a girl, along with Latin music and memories of the tango, mambo and samba – her lifelong love of dancing. Music reaches the depths of our souls, doesn’t it? We’re so sorry for the loss of your dad, Joann, but know you and your love and understanding of music made all the difference in gently helping him on his way.
    With deepest condolences, Janice and Larry

  2. Beautiful testament to a life well lived. Thanks for sharing and prayers for peace and comfort for you and your family in the lovely memories.

  3. Dear Joann,
    This blessed me so much! What a wonderful testimony and tribute to your dad! My mother passed away in 2009. The night she left this earth, she came to my bedside in the wee hours. I knew she was alive, but in a different, exquisitely beautiful form, and I have felt her with me ever since!
    You have blessed all of us, and are a living example of a beautiful life in the now! I know you are comforted.

  4. What a great picture of Grandpa! He sure loved to help at the piano shop on their visits. I think he enjoyed the “lunch hour”, too, when we got to share stories and thoughts on what has been happening in the world around us. Those are special memories for sure.

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