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The piano is a magnificent instrument. We love everything about it. We don’t even mind how heavy they are, but it definitely helps to have the right moving equipment and techniques, which we do. And, yes, I have been involved in many, many piano moves. Did I tell you about the time I was pregnant and moving one – in the snow, up a hill – with very little equipment? Oh, those were the days.

Do you know The Piano Guys? I saw and heard a video clip by them today entitled, “What Makes You Beautiful.” What delightful artistic creativity! The five “men in black” play the piano in atypical ways which will amaze you (SEE BELOW). You might be inspired to go right over to your piano and experiment. That’s great but be advised that the moisture on your hands can cause discoloration or rust on the strings.

Years ago, Keith and I had the privilege of attending an intimate concert performed by George Winston. He did something similar to “the five guys” but was only one man. I don’t think anyone was too concerned about discoloration or rust. After all, the owner could tell a grand story proudly proclaiming, “See that rust? That was caused by the famous George Winston.”

With our expansion at Freeburg Pianos, my world is becoming even more piano conscious. After all these years and with the help of the Internet, I am seeing all kinds of piano related music, history, design, art and the list goes on. We are all having so much fun. After two weeks of working with us, Todd Holder posted on facebook that he “hasn’t ‘worked’ a day yet at Freeburg Pianos!” We all feel that way. People and Pianos – That’s our Passion.

Life is Grand


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  1. It’s amazing what one piano, five guys, and a little vocal overlay can do! Fun and happy music and blog! Thank you Joann!

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