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The Carolinas are in the middle of receiving lots of rain coming from Hurricane Joaquin but it’s still a beautiful, musical day.  Music doesn’t stop because it’s raining.  In fact, when we stop our internal noise to really listen, we hear all kinds of “rain music.”  Right now, I hear the rhythm of the falling rain.  (Many of you had a flashback to a certain song as you read that line.)  I hear the various pat-a-pats as the raindrops hit wood, aluminum, puddles and leaves.  I hear bird tweets and squawks.  I hear the wind in the trees and the resulting rush of rain falling from the leaves.  I hear the gurgle of rain flowing through the eave spouts. It’s quite a symphony of sounds out there. Take a minute to listen, really listen to nature’s music today.

We have two special events coming up next week and both of them involve our famous friend Michael Jefry Stevens.  On Thursday night, October 8th, his “Living Room Series,” in our Master Works Theatre, will feature the well-known music of Hoagy Carmichael.

Do you know that Michael composes music and that it’s not all jazz?   On Sunday afternoon the 11th, Bel Cher Music will present his classical and jazz compositions performed by Deborah Belcher and him: “Five Decades: A Composer’s Retrospective.”  There are even four-hand pieces in the program. *See quote below from Michael.

Both concerts are offered for a suggested, but not required donation, of $10 per person.  I’m really looking forward to hosting these special events.  I hope we see you there.

For more information on these and other events, please check our EVENT CALENDAR.

Have a great day!


  • “When Deborah asked me to perform a concert of my music I was both excited and flustered. How do I place my music in the context of a “Classical” Music concert? After all, I am first and foremost a “Jazz” musician. My experience as a composer has mostly been in the context of composing music for a specific “Jazz” ensemble that I am working with. Rarely have I written anything that I did not perform myself. Still, once I started looking back at my oeuvre I came across little gems of music that I had never performed or heard performed. Deborah will be performing three of my solo piano works in the 2nd half of this program. These works have NEVER been performed or heard by human ears!!! This is particularly exciting for me. I also arranged several of my more “Jazz” influenced pieces for four-hand piano. This is something completely foreign to me but also very exciting. I decided to perform the first ever “Jazz” composition I ever composed “Waiting” (1972). This piece has also NEVER been performed before. The most recent composition (“Forgotten Melody”) on the program was revised this year. I hope you enjoy this presentation. Thanks for your support.”  ~ Michael Jefry Steven


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