When Life Hands You Lemons…

The past twelve months have been challenging to say the least. Who could have known all the “lemons” we’d all be squeezing? Like you, our Freeburg Pianos team has learned to make lemonade while wearing masks and employing other common- sense techniques.

Last spring, we closed our showroom doors until granted permission by the governor to open them. During that time, we accomplished a lot of restoration work in our shop and when the time was right, our fantastic piano moving team had several to deliver. (Here’s a beautiful photo of our team’s creative moves. Do you see the three twelve-foot metal ramps?)

We’ve been asked many times if pianos are still selling. The answer to that is a resounding “YES.”  In fact, the day we reopened, a beautiful “masked” woman came into the showroom to select a piano. Why? It was on her bucket list. Among a wide variety of reasons, some have purchased pianos this year because they are “home more” and either want to learn to play or rekindle their piano skills from their youth. 

Are you familiar with the amazing PianoDisc System we install?  It’s a great way to set your piano to play by itself for your listening pleasure.  The System has been very popular for us this year. We’ve been installing or upgrading them from the mountains to the ocean. 

We’ve missed our performing artists. They, too, have been busy making lemonade as they’ve developed and shared their musical gifts either on-line or at outside venues. Without our in-house concerts, our Master Works Theatre is filled with beautiful new and restored Mason and Hamlins, Steinways and a very special 1880’s Broadwood piano (the kind Beethoven owned).

In July, we recorded, and made available on-line, a two-part concert with our own Christopher Tavernier performing on our magnificent 9-ft Mason & Hamlin grand. The first part of the concert is music by Christopher and clarinetist Matt Hannon. The second part is the wonderful and much requested Bolling Suite # 2 performed by Rita Hayes, Keith Freeburg, Bryron Hedgepeth and Christopher:

Plato said, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”  At Freeburg Pianos, we’re so thankful to keep the music playing and “making lots of lemonade!”

6 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Lemons…

  1. What a lovely piece, Joann, on how the love of music inspires all of you and creates a strong desire to share it with others no matter the circumstances!

  2. This performance was just spectacular — I loved every moment of it. Each performer was outstanding in his or her own way, and it all came together like a flawlessly prepared fine dinner at an exquisite restaurant. Does it get better than that? I will look forward to more from this group.

    Congratulations on squeezing the lemons and keeping it going. Life will open up again and we all will be overjoyed to experience this wonderful music live.

  3. What a wonderful conversation you proved out. Lemons – yes! Sweet, cool, lemonade – YES!
    You guys are great. I do wish I was closer & could come in. The picture & the ingenuity of those bridges shows such skill & dedication. Impressive.

  4. That was absolutely terrific! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Such a fantastic piece of music played by such consummate musicians! I did not know that Keith played the bass. How wonderful! Thank you for sharing this gift.

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