Levi Freeburg – Director of Sales & Marketing

Levi has been on the Freeburg Pianos team in one way or another throughout his life. Over the years, he apprenticed with his Dad in the shop regulating and rebuilding pianos as well as the art of moving pianos.

Levi is a graduate of Mars Hill University. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration/Entrepreneurship. After graduation, he did an internship with Disney Corporation in Orlando, Florida. He returned to North Carolina and served as director of youth and sports programs at both the YMCA of WNC and Biltmore Baptist Church.

When Freeburg Pianos expanded to include a showroom and warehouse, Levi brought his business expertise and passion for music to the family business. He enjoys attending national and international trade shows and is a graduate of the Mason & Hamlin University training in Haverhill, MA. As Director of Sales, he has assisted thousands of clients and institutions in finding the piano that best suits their needs and desires.

As part of the musical Freeburg family, Levi plays piano and drums. He has performed with various church music teams and the MHU marching band. Besides seeing Levi at concerts of various genres, you may see him running track or playing basketball.