Mason & Hamlin Collection

World’s Finest Piano

Glorious. Magnificent. Inspirational. Mason & Hamlin – exalted as the world’s finest piano. Mason & Hamlin’s uncompromising commitment to perfection has inspired renowned artists and composers to project their immortal masterpieces through this supreme instrument. The rich, warm, smooth, distinctive tone results from the original patterns, scales and designs, faithfully preserved for over a century. The Mason & Hamlin piano is hand-made with meticulous workmanship, using only premium materials to produce aesthetic encasements that are triumphantly durable. The important extras not found in any other piano help explain why Mason & Hamlin is recognized as the standard of excellence at so many schools and universities and by informed music lovers. The Mason & Hamlin piano can bring about a full range of emotions, opening up a world of excitement and wonder with the touch of your skilled fingertips.

Endorsers and Owners (past and present)

Franz LisztPianist and Composer, Maurice Ravel – Pianist and Composer, Sergei Rachmaninoff – Pianist and Composer, Arthur Rubinstein – Pianist, Danny Wright – Pianist and Composer, Jonathan Chain (of Journey), Isaac Slade (of The Fray), Vanessa Carlton – Grammy-winning Pianist and Composer, Brian Culbertson – Award-winning Jazz Pianist and Composer, Elida Dakoli – Classical Pianist, and Ron Tanski – Blues Pianist, Vocalist, Jarrod Radnich – Pianist and Composer, and many others!

History of Mason & Hamlin

Founded in 1854, Mason & Hamlin is one of America’s oldest and most respected piano manufacturers. Of the hundreds of American piano companies that flourished in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Mason & Hamlin is one of only a handful that survive today… (READ MORE & VIDEO).

Latest Products

In celebration of our 160 years of piano manufacturing in the USA, Mason & Hamlin introduces the Cambridge Collection commemorating the company’s rich heritage from its original birthplace in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1854. Special hand-picked exotic veneer and hand-polished ebony finish are tastefully combined to create an extraordinary appearance of unhidden beauty and elegant charm.  View the Mason & Hamlin Catalog.