European Standard Quality

Far from just a pretty name, Perzina is a German piano maker of the highest caliber. While there are many piano brands, few compare to Perzina’s detail-oriented production style.  In Germany, Perzina is a household name and thrives as a premier manufacturer.

The Perzina piano is one of the most innovative and exciting pianos in the industry and is recognized for its remarkably beautiful tone. In order to manufacture a piano that is among the world’s finest, Perzina utilizes the best components, materials, and technical designs, no matter what the cost.  The Perzina Piano combines these ingredients, and yet provides today’s consumer with exceptional value.

Endorsers and Owners (past and present)

Christopher Tavernier – Concert Pianist, Eleni Mavromoustaki – Concert Pianist, Manolis Neophytou – Concert Pianist, Queen Wilhelmina – of the Netherlands, Hendrik – of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, and many others!

The Perzina History

Perzina began as a labor of love, and over 140 years later, still continues as a company dedicated to making great instruments for families and passionate musicians.  The history of the Perzina Piano began on July 1, 1871…(READ MORE)