Perzina GBT-160 Mahogany Baby Grand

Sitting right on the border of a “baby” grand and “parlor” grand labels, the GBT160 deftly does both: fits a smaller room without overpowering the space, but also provides a full sound easily mistaken for a much larger grand. Taking advantage of Perzina’s signature tail design, the piano has dramatically longer strings and larger soundboard area than other pianos in its price range and size (5’4”). It delivers a sound that is clear, complex, and very responsive.

Make: Perzina
Model: GBT-160
Length: 5’4″
Finish: Polished Brown Mahogany (In Stock)
Year: New
About: Complete Dampp-Chaser LifeSaver system included.

MSRP: $20,840
Our Price: Please Visit

Perzina Grand Pianos are German designed and engineered, and it shows in its performance and sound.
* A wide tail to allow for longer bass strings and more square inches of soundboard
* Duplex scaling
* German made hammers
* German RÖSLAU strings
* Austrian white spruce soundboard that is layered to prevent cracking
* German Delignit pinblock
* Laminated keys (to prevent warping)
* Slow-fall fallboard mechanism
* Adjustable artist bench

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