Kawai Collection

Award Winning Pianos

Kawai – Winner of over 48 major International awards for excellence.  Over the past ninety years, Kawai has earned a reputation for outstanding quality and workmanship in the crafting of world-class musical instruments. Today, Kawai pianos are a top choice of pianists, teachers, churches, students and piano enthusiasts around the globe. Kawai’s skillful blending of traditional piano craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology and materials has brought about the finest selection of award winning grand, upright, and professional stage pianos available today.

Endorsers & Owners

One Republic – Pop Rock Band, MUSE – Alternative Rock Band, Steven Curtis Chapman – Christian Music Artist, Isha Love – Pianist, Aysedeniz Gokcin – Pianist, Jason D. Williams – Rockabilly Pianist, Carol Connors – Vocalist and Songwriter, Mike Jones – Jazz Pianist, David Korevaar – Pianist and Composer, Laura Story – Grammy Award-winning Songwriter, Michelle Tumes – Vocalist and Pianist, and many others!

History of Kawai

It was well over a century ago in Japan that a reed organ builder was struggling alone to build an upright piano from imported parts.  One day, he was surprised to see a neighbor’s son riding by on a unique pedal-driven cart, the first ever to travel the roads of Hamamatsu, Japan…..(READ MORE & VIDEO).