Perzina GBT-152 Baby Grand

GBT-152 | $18,750

For those who are seeking a small footprint but a big sound, The GBT-152 is one of the most surprising baby grand pianos that exists on the market today. It has a distinctly deeper and stronger bass than can normally be expected out of a piano of this size, and beautiful sustaining middle and treble section – far more than a 152cm / 5′. It achieves this remarkable feat through its square tail and highly efficient placement of the bass bridge.

Make: Perzina
Model: GBT-152
Length: 5’1″
Finish: White
Year: New

Perzina Grand Pianos are German designed and engineered, and it shows in its performance and sound.
* A wide tail to allow for longer bass strings and more square inches of soundboard
* Duplex scaling
* German made hammers
* German RÖSLAU strings
* Austrian white spruce soundboard that is layered to prevent cracking
* German Delignit pinblock
* Laminated keys (to prevent warping)
* Slow-fall fallboard mechanism
* Adjustable artist bench

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