Yamaha Collection

Yamaha Pianos

As one of the largest piano manufacturers world-wide, Japanese-based Yamaha produces between 120,000 to 130,000 pianos yearly. ¬†Each Yamaha piano that we provide has been carefully inspected and tested before it enters our showroom. Our Yamaha pianos project the trade-mark “Yamaha Sound” and coveted studio performance quality.

Endorsers & Owners

Yanni – Pianist & Composer, Steven Canyon – Pianist & Composer, Alicia Keys – R&B Pianist & Singer-Songwriter, Elton John – Pianist & Singer-Songwriter, Jason Mraz – Singer-Songwriter, Sheryl Crow – Musician & Singer-Songwriter, Barry Manilow – Producer & Singer-Songwriter, Jammie Culum – Jazz Musician & Singer-Songwriter, Miles Robertson – Musican & Keyboardist, and many others!