Piano Moving Services

Our moving services team approaches every piano with great care and attention to detail. As with our sales and technical services, our goal is to ensure that you have a grand experience! 

We provide a full range of moving-related services, including:

  • Local grand, upright, and digital piano moves
  • Local organ moves
  • Personalized long-distance door-to-door moving services
  • Low-cost, long-distance moving services (provided by us and our partners)
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Short- and long-term piano rentals 
  • Piano donations and re-homing
  • Packing pianos to be shipped by other service providers

We have established processes to handle a variety of moving scenarios, including:

  • Steep hills and uneven terrain
  • Exterior and interior stairs
  • Tight turns and spaces
  • Stage dolly installation and removal

We approach every move with the highest level of professionalism and excellence. Our movers have experience in piano tuning, technical services, and finish repair. We are fully prepared to answer your questions as experts, and we can even perform minor adjustments during the move.
Every one of our piano movers are skilled musicians who understand the value of each instrument and the personal meaning it has to you!