Steingraeber Salon Grand

Steingraeber & Söhne | $64,055

Steingraeber pianos have unique sound, and an extensive tonal palatte with a mix of clarity and warmth. This Steingraeber Salonflügel model corresponds to the piano owned by Franz Liszt in 1886.

Make: Steingraeber & Söhne
Model: Salonflügel
Length: 6’3
Finish: Satin Ebony
Year: 1902 – Bayreuth, Germany
Serial: 10987
About: Fully Restored by Freeburg Pianos (2019). Steingraeber is one of the smaller handmade piano builders in the world, manufacturing only around 80 grand pianos per year in what is arguably the world’s most elite piano factories.

MSRP New: $129,360
Our Price: $64,055

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