Cappuccino Concert Spotlight

The recent Cappuccino concert, presented by the Music Foundation of Western North Carolina, was a unique musical experience.  The aroma of coffee wafted through Landrum Presbyterian Church, the host of the concert, as part of their 100th year celebration.  Although it was cold outside, our hearts were warmed by the 20th Century music performed by the very talented Mathew Hanna and International Perzina Artist, Christopher Tavernier.

The musical minds of the full-house crowd were impressed and stretched by the unfamiliar-to-most program selections.  In his solo and duo pieces, Matthew created captivating harmonic sounds, runs and rhythms. As always, Christopher “wowed” the audience with his solo and duo performance.  It is a rare opportunity and privilege to follow a young person from their early years as a budding artist to their ever-increasing levels of musicianship. There’s much more to come; he’s only 16!

Freeburg Pianos typically provides Christopher with a 6 ‘1” Perzina piano wherever he performs. Thanks to Keith Freeburg’s recent and complete action renewal and regulation, Christopher was able to perform on the church’s Baldwin M grand piano.  As you might imagine, Christopher and other artists need piano actions that will respond quickly and accurately to their touch techniques. Keith is well-known for his expert action work which includes replacing and aligning all parts of the action, hammer voicing and key touchweight adjustment. Keith says, “It is my honor to prepare pianos for discerning concert artists.  I enjoy the challenge of providing an instrument that will allow the artist to express the music they hear and feel.”

It isn’t just artists that enjoy the benefits of regular piano tuning and adjustments to the action. It’s amazing just how much a qualified technician like Keith can do to make a piano sound and play to the pianist’s liking.  A piano that is well-tuned and regulated makes playing the instrument easier and more pleasant for everyone.

In addition to the Freeburg Pianos showroom, which typically displays 50-60 pianos, The Freeburgs have teaching studios, Master Works Theatre and a separate rebuilding and restoration facility with about 30 pianos in various stages of completion.

The Music Foundation of WNC is delighted to partner with Freeburg Pianos.  Christopher Tavernier (solo concert), Matthew Hanna and Christopher Tavernier (Cappuccino Concert) and The Haze Quartet (Bolling Suite #2) will be participating in the annual fundraising program for Hendersonville Community Theatre.

Dr. Joann Freeburg, Founder
The Music Foundation of WNC

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