Family Road Trip

It’s always especially fun for me to assist customers from across the country in finding their dream piano, whether they live in California, New York, Texas, or right here in our own back yard.  Our company-wide goal is providing “A Grand Experience” for each and every customer and this, of course, includes the piano delivery and home set-up. As we continually adapt to provide more and more pianos for homes cross-country, we typically rely on large national piano carriers. 

Every so often though we will take on a long-distance piano moving adventure ourselves.  This last weekend was just such an occasion.  My parents and I loaded up the trailer with equipment suitable for picking up 3 large grand pianos and headed up to New York and Michigan.  The 32 hour road journey reminded me so much of traveling to Minnesota from North Carolina for family Christmas celebrations 20 years straight, nearly guaranteeing a “White Christmas” for us kids.   The 19 hour car rides were a special time to be together as a family making memories.  Even then maybe I was receiving training for piano moving road trips?

This most recent work road trip with family was another great opportunity to create memories, but thankfully we avoided midwest snowy roads this time.  When Dad, Mom and I are all together on these trips we mostly talk business and explore strategies going forward.  It might be similar to a 30 hour board meeting?  Maybe that doesn’t sound too enticing, but it’s truly enjoyable.  If you know my mom, you can picture that she makes meetings both productive and entertaining!  My mom sits “shot-gun” and writes down “action plans” as dad and I take turns driving.  Occasionally dad will “nod-off” during these business meetings – only when he’s not driving thankfully!

In addition to enjoying each other’s company and the sites and sounds of the road, we had the privilege of picking up a gorgeous 7’4 920 lb. Bösendorfer grand.  The family who previously owned it were meticulous about providing perfect care and service for this remarkable instrument.  We were all simply amazed at how this 21 year old piano resembled brand new pianos inside and out (pictured below).  

Bösendorfer pianos are among the most prestigious and elite pianos ever manufactured.  Built by hand in Austria, some of their largest concert size grand pianos can exceed a jaw-dropping half million dollars.  Bösendorfer’s beautiful, angular cabinet design is as unique as it’s rich European tone.  

Newest Bösendorfer Arrival

Our prior showroom Bösendorfer was another beauty manufactured earlier in the 1970’s and restored by my dad.  The three of us also had the privilege of delivering this piano ourselves to a very famous musician in New York earlier this summer.

It’s truly a treat to showcase pianos such as these and then see where in our wide country their next home may be – whether a destination afar or our own back yard.  

Levi Freeburg

7 thoughts on “Family Road Trip

  1. Your parents delivered a Perzina 129 upright to me in Florida about 4 years ago. It was an exciting experience to see them move that beautiful instrument into my home with the ease of moving a modest sized piece of furniture. Of course your dad spent 2-3 hours seeing to it that the piano was adjusted and tuned to perfection.

    As an aside, as the message containing the blog came in, I’m sitting here reading a book entitled “Grand Obsession, A Piano Odyssey” by Perri Knize. It’s a true story of the author’s desire and determination to learn to play the piano, followed by her search for the perfect instrument, with unexpected difficulties in the process. Just the prelude is so vivid and descriptive that it hooked me (and probably other adult piano lovers) immediately. – I have to credit pianist and composer Jan Powell (and a Freeburg customer) who gave me this book as a birthday gift.

  2. I am amazed and awestruck at not only the prowess of all personnel at Freeburg Pianos, but your endearing kind and compassionate ways and means. Tickled pink to read the blogs

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